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"Fred Cole's mid-70s album is as uncompromising as anything he's done. His vocal style is especially strident on these hard rock songs, which don't have the garage-style feel of Dead Moon or the occasional subtleties of Lollipop Shoppe. The first song is a bunch of raunchy double-entendres. Pretty twisted...

This LP is worth hearing. It's unique and wild.

(Aaron Milenski, THE ACID ARCHIVES)

...this is righteous rock to the max, full of chunky, proto-punk riffery and blowout solos that never stray too far from a punk aesthetic despite the cock-rockery leanings." (Brian Turner, WFMU)

"File under awesome. 1973 no-frills, no bullshit, cock rock. This is Zipper_-Fred Cole and company's sicko American twist on Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

(Aquarium Drunkard)

For Fans Of: Dead Moon, The Stooges, Led Zeppelin, Granicus, Jerusalem, Grand Funk Railroad

Zipper - Noble Records Exclusive! Black & Gold Galaxy

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