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Noble Exclusive on “Voodoo” orange vinyl. Expected early May 2023!

This monster record initially drew me in with the artwork, but when I heard the heavy riffs, I was hooked. I think it has that affect on most people. Is just such a heavy and raw record, It’s brutal.

Orang-utan formed in the UK under the name “Hunter” and recorded one single. Their manager found them a producer who pulled them into a studio, and recorded this monstrosity in one afternoon. He changed their name to Orang-Utan, designed this artwork and released the record in the USA without the band’s knowledge. They were devastated to hear about it, and were not ever paid a dime for it, until the reissues came. Originals are tough to find, but you can get this Noble Exclusive Now!

Orang-Utan - Noble Records Exclusive

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