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Limited edition of 600.

Ultra loud heavy psychedelic rock from Colorado, late 60s, with loads of fuzz guitar all over.


Dragonfly were actually a band called The Legend, who changed their name just when they were recording their self-titled album. Originally released by the Megaphone label in 1970, Dragonfly is a hard-psych classic, highly sought-after by collectors since day one. Back in 2012 we did the first official vinyl reissue and we now present a new, improved repress with expanded liner notes and newly sourced / remastered audio, sounding better than ever.


*Official reissue with original artwork in gatefold sleeve

*Newly audiophile restoration / remastering

*Insert with liner notes and rare photos

*Repro of the elusive original sticker


“This album is sure to share space at the top of your shelf with Plastic Cloud, Savage Resurrection and SRC for those special moments when you want to teach a young, unsuspecting psych convert just what that acid rock guitar thing was all about” – Aaron Milenski



Side 1: 1. Blue Monday – 2. Enjoy Yourself – 3. Hootchie Kootchie Man – 4. I Feel It – 5. Trombodo – 6. Portrait of Youth

Side 2: 1. Crazy Woman – 2. She Don’t Care – 3. Time Has Slipped Away – 4. To Be Free – 5. Darlin’ – 6. Miles Away

DRAGONFLY Noble Exclusive Green Splatter

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